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Golden Future Electronics (H.K.) Ltd.

[China] LED Mining safety cap lamp

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This is a new style of high power LED mining cap lamp, light weight and long lifetime

Safety: All in one case with PC plastic material , make very good feature of explosion-proof.

Protection in electrical short-circuit, automatic power-off on the socket , 100,000 hours LED’s Lifetime

Reliability: The high strength case , optimized structure design and MCU control make the product more reliable

Portability: Just a head lamp , Small in size , light in weight (only 210g for whole product), simple charging, easy usage

Efficiency: more than 15hours at full brightness. more than 700lux after 11 hours continuous lighting.

Battery usage lifetime about 1000 cycles.

Display cap lamp number , time , battery capacity by 4 LED digital device.

Environmental: Li-ion battery is free for maintenance, and the material of li-ion is environmental, use 1Watt high power LED as the main light, and 6pcs 5mm backup LED’s to save power

Economy: three times longer than lead and acid cap lamp and saving in maintenance makes the product more compatible in price

Water resistant : 10 meters, Shock proof: 2 meters drop test.

When the energy is not enough for one hour illumination, the digital will flash, which can remind the mining worker to leave the workplace.

Charger input power: AC100-240V / 50-60Hz. Charging time: 5 hours, continuous discharging time: more than 15 hours for main light, more than 40 hours for backup light.

Meet standards: MA, SABS, CE
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Golden Future Electronics (H.K.) Ltd.

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Telefon: +86 755 28902532
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Name und Vorname: Anic Zhong
Telefon: +86 755 28902532
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